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Author Topic: KOG Games announced the launching of Debrian Laboratory in Elsword  (Read 480 times)


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KOG Games announced the release of Debrian Laboratory, a significant rebalancing upgrade and a few notable events in the sport Elsword unfolds with insanity, science fiction and horror. Deep in the legendary funds that had emerged in the haze of a forgotten age, a lab built by the early race of Debrian was uncovered.

With an unparalleled dominance within the ability of El, it was thought that the Debrians was exploring prominence; the epitome of technical greatness. Although true, his study was far from being"greatness". From within the guts of the twisted laboratory, the tainted Nasod shields the most miserable unimaginable experiments, and also the entry to a threshold through time which will unite the planet with the abyss chaos, Henir, to Elrios. Can they launch into a war which transcends time and space?

This upgrade brings a great rebalancing of characters, the highly requested customizable gamepad support, the Ice Burner Popcorn (a great store occasion ) and some thing for everyone for your weekend: Beginning August 8, after daily, for a single hour, You will get 2x EXP, 2X drop-rate and Limitless Vigor. All you need to do to trigger the event would be to log into Elsword ED.

In Elsword, players can choose from ten customizable and specialized characters as they explore a immersive world and combat opponents to finish dynamic missions.

As gamers progress through the game, they can evolve their fighting styles by updating to new job courses, learning new mortal skills and mastering combined attacks. For people who accept a challenge, Elsword also offers a PvP battle filled with action.

Gameforge has announced that its MMO Beat'em up in manga style and free-to-play, Elsword, which started its journey on Steam June 14, has the first huge update.With the update of June 28, the third course changes will come to the match for all the characters, starting with the earliest of three routes.
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